Agrovet Market Animal Health commitment to innovation is reflected in its mission to provide unique solutions to the needs of practicing veterinarians, animal health professionals, farmers, breeders and pet owners. Scientific, clinical and field research is a constant commitment, becoming a crucial part of the DNA of our company.


Fasiject® Plus

Randomized field study to evaluate the efficiency of Ticlabendazole sulfoxide 36% for the control of Fasciola hepatica in bovine animals

Research work

Hematofos B12® Oral

Commercial product evaluation of HEMATOFOS B12® administrated by oral route in broilers

Research work

doraQuest® l.a.

Efficiency evaluation on an oral antiparasitic based of doramectin (doraQuest l.a. ®) for gastrointestinal nematodes control in equines


Fertimin Se®

Phosphorylcolamine effect associated with minerals (Fertimin Se®) for the reduction of placental retention and increase of heat presentation rate

Research work


Evaluation of the efficiency of an Intramammary suspension based of Cephalexin, Neomycin, Cloxacilin and Vitamin A (Cefa-Sec®) on Intramammary Infection Control in Dry Period of Dairy Cows.


Respibiotic® 48 Horas

Evaluation of the efficiency and tolerance of an inyectable antibiotic solution based on Florfenicol, doxycycline hyclate, ketoprofen, Bromhexin hydrochloride and chlorphenamine maleate (Respibiotic 48 horas®) in the treatment of respiratory diseases of cattle feedlots

Research work


Effects of an organic modifier on body weight gain in zebu cattle in the tropics of Peru

Technical articles

Metri-Cef 3®

Therapeutic and Management options for Postpartum Metritis in Dairy Cattle