Agrovet Market hosted the X Ferite Agricultural Fair 2016

posteado el 22/06/2016

On 09 June of this year, the "X Ferite livestick Fair" was held at the fairgrounds of High Pampa at Ite district in the department of Tacna.

The event brought together over 600 attendees including zootechnician engineers, animal scientists, veterinarians, farmers and cattle breeders in the area and surroundings. Also, AMAH hosted with rosettes and bands for the award of the trial of dairy cattle breed Holstein PPC (pure by crossing).

This fair was an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties with large farmers in this important event. In addition, It served as promotional activity for new products Nutrovet® Performance Results line with their outstanding products: Rumenade® P , Vetonic® with Nucleotides and Zoovit® Bolus , among others, the responsible was the commercial technical supervisor, Mac zootechnician Engineer Alex Espinoza.

Agrovet Market appreciates the invitation to the organizers of this event, hoping to continue in the following editions of this important fair in the region.