Agrovet Market present in the discussion of bovine mastitis in Arequipa

posteado el 27/05/2016


Producers from different localities, met on May 20th in the Tech Talk on Bovine Mastitis held in the city of Arequipa.

In coordination with the regional committee of milk productivity, this talk was well received, bringing together veterinarians, animal production engineers and technicians in general.

Agrovet Market was represented by Animal production Engineer Mac Alex Espinoza, who provided technical and commercial information on Nutrition Results Nutrovet® line, emphasizing the products Vetonic® con Nucleotidos, Booster® RN, Probiolyte® WS and products of the AMAH line such as Cefaject® and Eprimec® Zero Pour on that are of interest to the public who participated in this conference.

AMAH hopes to continue participating in such events, seeking the development and growth of production communities in Peru.