ChickLyte® WS, Functional Hydration

posteado el 03/05/2016

ChickLyte® WS dehydration symptoms can be treated and prevented efficiently with ChickLyte® WS

ChickLyte® WS  is the new product of  Nutrovet® line, aimed at resolving dehydration problems and electrolyte imbalance affecting swine during the various production periods. A critical situation is weaning because piglets face major changes becoming susceptible to diarrhea and therefore considerable losses by dehydration.

ChickLyte® WS serves to rehydrate and energize, replacing lost electrolytes and minerals. Due to the fact that its minerals are chelated, it is easily absorbed and promotes optimal recovery. It contains dextrose as a direct source of energy, and glycine, an amino acid that enhances the absorption of glucose and that is involved in the transportation and absorption of electrolytes.

In addition, it contains 12 probiotic strains, which compete with pathogenic bacteria for substrate, generating the decline of infectious agents and stabilizing beneficial microbiota in the intestinal tract,  making WS ChickLyte® an important adjunct in secondary infections at enteric level.


ChickLyte® WS belong to the new line of Nutrovet®, Nutrition Results of  Agrovet Market Animal Health.