ChickLyte® WS Functional Rehydration

posteado el 26/05/2016

ChickLyte® WS is the new product of the Nutrovet® line, aimed to resolve dehydration and electrolyte imbalance affecting birds during the various production periods. Birds suffer heat stress when they are difficulted to achieve balance between production and body heat release, this can occur at any age and in any type of breeding.

The mechanisms used to expel heat are panting, spreading their wings, and trying to get closer to ground level. Increasing fluid intake may favor the emergence of liquid stools, there is low feed consumption and consequently production is affected. It is therefore important to return the bird to a state of comfort.

For these cases, ChickLyte® WS serves to rehydrate and energize, replacing lost electrolytes and minerals. Its chelated minerals are easily absorbed and promote optimal recovery. It contains dextrose as a direct source of energy, and glycine, an amino acid that enhances the absorption of glucose and that is involved in the transport and absorption of electrolytes.

In addition, it contains 12 probiotic strains, which compete with pathogenic bacteria for substrate, generating the decline of infectious agents and stabilizing beneficial microbiota in the intestinal tract, making ChickLyte® WS an important adjunct in secondary infections on enteric level.

ChickLyte® WS belongs to the new line Nutrovet®, Nutrition Results of Agrovet Market Animal Health.