Oral Gel

Oral Endectocide exclusive for horses

iverQuest® duo

Oral Paste

Oral endectocide exclusive for horses

NextGuard® 4

Oral Suspension

Broad- spectrum Antiparasitic

Oxantel® 5

Tablet Oral

Internal antiparasitic

Oxantel® gel

Oral Suspension

Multi-spectrum antiparasitic

ProGuard® 4

Oral Suspension

Broad- spectrum antiparasitic

Xelamec® Spot On

Topical Solution Spot On

Por fuera, por dentro

Agrobolin® A.P.

Injectable Solution

Long-acting anabolic

Carprodyl® 100

Tablet Oral

Non-steroidal anti-inflamatory for medium and large dogs

Carprodyl® 25

Tablet Oral

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for small and medium dogs

Cortifen 200.25®

Injectable Solution

Anti inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic


Injectable Suspension

Fast action and prolonged effect dual corticosteroid