Ectonil® Pour On

Pour On Topical Solution

Tick killer and insecticide of multiple action and extended effect

Fasiject® Plus

Injectable Solution

Full Spectrum Internal and Extarnal Antiparasitic

FBZ® 12.5% con minerales

Oral Suspension

Broad-spectrum Internal Antiparasitic with Minerals

Mitrazyde® 125

Emulsifiable Concentrate

Acaricida y garrapaticida con efecto repelente

Nitronix® 34

Injectable Solution

Fasciolicide, nematicide and oestricide

TBZ® Crystal

Oral Solution

Full-spectrum antiparasitic with action against Fasciola hepatica

Teniquantel® 10 con Cobalto

Oral Suspension

Internal antiparasitic-taenicide reinforced with cobalt

Tri-ABZ® 22

Oral Suspension

Wide spectrum antiparasitic combination

Tri-ABZ® 8.75

Oral Suspension

Full-spectrum antiparasitic

Trivantel® 12

Oral Suspension

Integral fasciolicide

Trivantel® 15

Oral Suspension

Integral fasciolicide

Trivantel® Ovinos Tabletas

Tablet Oral

Full-spectrum internal antiparasitic