L-Spectomix® 8.88% Px


Broad-spectrum Synergic Antibiotic Combination in Double Concentration

Micromutin® C80 Px|Porcimutin® C80 Px


Advanced-generation Micro-encapsulated Pleuromutilin in High Concentration

Micromutin® IS

Injectable Solution

Last generation pleuromutilin.

Neo-Terraciclina® WS

Soluble Powder

Broad-spectrum and Double Effect Antibiotic Combination

Pleurotil® 250 OS

Oral Solution

Macrolide Antibacterial with Selective Pulmonary Affinity


Injectable Suspension

Cephalosporinic antibiotic with zero residues in milk

Qrex® SP 1g

Powder with Diluent

Broad-spectrum third-generation cephalosporin

Qrex® SP 4g

Powder with Diluent

Broad-spectrum third-generation cephalosporin

Trisulprim® WS

Soluble Powder

Double Protection Bactericidal Synergic Association

Tylamox® WS

Soluble Powder

Broad-spectrum Macrolide Beta-lactam Synergic-additive Antibiotic Association

Tylodox® WS

Soluble Powder

Broad-spectrum Beta-lactam-Polypeptide Antibiotic Combination

Tylvax® C Px


Advanced-generation and Broad-spectrum Tetracycline - Macrolide Synergyc Association