Agrovet Market Animal Health commitment to innovation is reflected in its mission to provide unique solutions to the needs of practicing veterinarians, animal health professionals, farmers, breeders and pet owners. Scientific, clinical and field research is a constant commitment, becoming a crucial part of the DNA of our company.

Research work

doraQuest® l.a.

Efficiency evaluation on an oral antiparasitic based of doramectin (doraQuest l.a. ®) for gastrointestinal nematodes control in equines

Technical articles

Eprimec® Zero Pour On

Eprinomectrin: A great option as internal antiparasitic on livestock

Technical articles

Respibiotic® 48 Horas

Síndrome Respiratorio Bovino

Technical articles

Alpamec® L.A.

Sarna en Camélidos Sudamericanos

Technical articles

Abamexin® L.A.

Resistencia Parasitaria

Technical articles

doraQuest® duo

¿Qué es lo que usted debería saber acerca de Parásitos Internos en Caballos?

Technical articles

Ectonil® Pour On

¿Qué es la Mosca de los Cuernos?

Technical articles

Bovimec® L.A.

¿Por qué un medicamento veterinario de acción prolongada?