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Respibiotic® 48 Horas

Evaluation of the efficiency and tolerance of an inyectable antibiotic solution based on Florfenicol, doxycycline hyclate, ketoprofen, Bromhexin hydrochloride and chlorphenamine maleate (Respibiotic 48 horas®) in the treatment of respiratory diseases of cattle feedlots

Research work


Effects of an organic modifier on body weight gain in zebu cattle in the tropics of Peru

Technical articles

Metri-Cef 3®

Therapeutic and Management options for Postpartum Metritis in Dairy Cattle



Evaluación de la Residualidad en Leche de una Suspensión Antibiótica Inyectable sobre la base de Ceftiofur Sódico (Qrex®)* en vacas lecheras de la Sierra de Machachi - Ecuador**

Technical articles


Essential topic oils on the prevention and treatment of mastitis

Technical articles

Eprimec® Zero Pour On

Eprinomectrin: A great option as internal antiparasitic on livestock

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Using Buserelin and Cloprostenol for Synchronization of Zeal

Technical articles

Imidox® 120

Complex Sadness (piroplasmosis) in Buffaloes