Agrovet Market Animal Health commitment to innovation is reflected in its mission to provide unique solutions to the needs of practicing veterinarians, animal health professionals, farmers, breeders and pet owners. Scientific, clinical and field research is a constant commitment, becoming a crucial part of the DNA of our company.


Hematofos B12®

Efficiency and Tolerance Evaluation of an Injectable Solution on the base of Sodium Cacodylate, sodium glycerophosphate, Vitamins and Minerals (Hematofos B12®) like Stimulant of Jumping horses Appetite.


Febralgina® Compuesta | Piralgina Compuesta

Evaluation of the Efficacy and Tolerance of an in njectable Solution based on Dipyrone and Sodium Salicylate (Febralgina ® Compuesta) in the resolution of febrile and inflammatory problems in equines.


Duo-Dexalong®| Duovetasona

Evaluation of the Efficacy and Tolerance of an injectable suspension based on Dexamethasone phosphate and Dexamethasone acetate ( Duo- Dexalong ® )* in the treatment of Inflammatory Processes in Equine .


doraQuest® l.a.

Evaluation of the Efficacy and Tolerance of an oral gel endectocide based on Doramectin (doraQuest® l.a.) ® )* in the treatment of internal parasites in show jumper horses.


Aminoplex® Forte

Tolerance and efficacy evaluation of an injectable solution based on a high concentration amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins (aminoplex forte) in jumping horses during competition season.

Technical articles

Doramec® L.A. / Doramax L.A.

Oral doramectin for the treatment and control of internal parasites in horses