Colistix®C 100 Px, colistin microencapsulated Avivet®

posteado el 04/01/2016

Colistix®C 100 Px antibiotic premix is 10% based on colistin sulphate. For the food administration, it contains specific action against Gram-negative enterobacteria.

It acts effectively in the treatment and prevention of enteric disease in poultry and swine, such as colibacillosis, salmonellosis, gastrointestinal infections of bacterian etiology and secondary bacterial enteric infections, as well as an excellent growth promoter.

The colistin present in Colistix®C 100 Px is microencapsulated by a cyclic oligosaccharide protective cover, allowing it to reach the intestine fully protected, favoring its selective and specific activity.

The microencapsulation process provides adequate preservation of the active ingredient during the mixing, pre-mixing, storage and pelletized, as well as during adverse conditions of humidity, sun-light and temperature. Additionally, it has similar density as food particles density, allowing maximum homogeneity while reducing dust emissions.


While controlling pathogenic intestinal bacterial flora, Colistix®C 100 Px maintains optimum integrity of the gut, increasing the absorption capacity of nutrients and as a result, an improvement in feeding conversion rates.

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