Injectable Solution

Powerful vessel constrictor for the treatment of anaphylactic shock

Alcanforvet® Alcanforado Plus

Injectable Solution

Respiratory and cardiovascular stimulant

Antipirozene B12®

Granules for Injection

Hemoparasiticide, antianemic and antipyretic

Aquacid Cu OS

Oral Solution

Acidifier based on organic acids and copper

Diuride® 500

Injectable Solution

Diuretic and saluretic

Hemo-Stop® Tabs

Tablet Oral

Anti-hemorrhagic of Dual Effect Hemostatic Platelet with Antifibrinolytic Factor

Hemostop® K

Injectable Solution

Antihemorrhagic vasotrophic with procoagulant factor

Imidox® 120

Injectable Solution

Antiprotozoal hematicide Agent

Mastitest® CMT

Diagnostic reagent

Matitis diagnostic test in cows milk

Sequent® PSP

Oral Solution

Insecticide of natural origin of single action and prolonged effect.

V-Tropin® 0.3%

Injectable Solution

Acetylcholine inhibitor-Antimuscarinic agent


Tablet Effervescent

Sanitizer for Drinking Water | Effervescent Tablet