Ket-A-100® fast-acting dissociative anestetic


Fast-acting dissociative anestetic

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Ketamine (as hydrochloride) 100 mg, excipients q.s. ad 1 mL.

For premedication, induction and maintenance of anesthesia. It can be used in combination with other injectable or inhalational drugs, obtaining a better anesthetic result. In short general anesthesia, for immobilization of the patient in order to perform short surgical actions or minor diagnostic procedures. In anesthesia of patients with increased risk, since it does not endanger the cardiorespiratory system of the animal. It is the choice in cesarean operations, due to the absence of fetal toxicity.

Dogs: 5 - 15 mg/kg intravenous route, or 15 - 25 mg/kg intramuscular route; cats: 5 - 8 mg/kg intravenous route, or 22 - 33 mg/kg intramuscular route; horses: 2 - 5 mg/kg intravenous route or 8 -15 mg/kg intramuscular route; cattle: 2 - 5 mg/kg intravenous route, 15 mg/kg intramuscular route, or 2 mg/kg epidural route; pigs: 2 - 5 mg/kg intravenous route, or 15 - 20 mg/kg intramuscular route; sheep: 2 - 5 mg/kg intravenous route, or 10 - 20 mg/kg intramuscular route; poultry: 12 - 70 mg/kg intramuscular route.
Bottle x 20 mL , Bottle x 30 mL , Bottle x 50 mL .

SENASA Registry: SENASA Perú: F.23.01.N.0050

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