Injectable Suspension

Cephalosporinic antibiotic with zero residues in milk
Poultry Camels Canines Goats Horses Felines Sheep Swine Cattle


Ceftiofur sodium 50 mg, excipients q.s.ad. 1 mL


For all infectious processes caused by sodium ceftiofur sensitive germs, including bacterial strains that produce beta-lactamases. Apropiated in the treatment and control of respiratory diseases in cattle, swines, equines and small ruminants; in cases of pododermatitis, acute postpartum metritis, diahrrea in calfs, urinary tract infections in dogs and E. coli infections in poultry.

Dosage and Administration

Cattle: 1 mL/50 kg of b.w.; horses: 2.2 - 4.4 mL/50 kg of b.w.; swine: 0.6 - 1 mL/10 kg of b.w.; sheep, goats and camelids: 0.22 - 0.44 mL/10 kg; dogs: 0.044 mL/kg of b.w.; poultry: chicks one day old: 0.0016 - 0.004 mL/per chiken, once; turkeys: poults one day old: 0.0034 - 0.01 mL/per poult, once. Apply through deep intramuscular or subcutaneous route.

Commercial Presentation

Bottle x 100 mL ,

SENASA Registry

México Registro SAGARPA Q-0616-034