Optiflor® 300

Injectable Solution

Powerful broad-spectrum and long-acting antibiotic
Camels Canines Goats Felines Sheep Swine Cattle


Florfenicol 30 g, excipients q.s. ad 100 mL.


Prevention and treatment of diseases of respiratory and digestive tracts, infections of genitourinary tract, keratoconjunctivitis, pododermatitis and general infections caused by microorganisms sensitive to florfenicol.

Dosage and Administration

Intramuscular (IM) and subcutaneous (SC) routes are recommended. Cattle, sheep, camelids and goats: 1 mL/15 kg, IM repeat after 48 hours or 2 mL/15 kg, SC as unique dose; pigs: 1 mL/20 kg, IM repeat after 48 hours; dogs: 0.6-1.6 mL/10 kg IM or SC every 8 hours during 3-5 days; cats: 0.2-0.5 mL/3 kg IM or SC every 12 hours during 3-5 days.

Commercial Presentation

Bottle x 100 mL ,

SENASA Registry

SENASA Perú: F.03.54.I.1780.