Injectable Solution

Antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine combination

Tylodox® WS

Soluble Powder

Broad-spectrum Beta-lactam-Polypeptide Antibiotic Combination

Vetamoxyl® 20 L.A.

Injectable Suspension

Broad-spectrum penicillanic semisynthetic antibiotic.


Injectable Solution

High concentration vitaminic association

Aminoplex® Light

Injectable Solution

Electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins

Ascorvet 250/Cevital

Injectable Solution

Powerful Antioxidant - Immune Response, Synthesis of Amino Acids and Collagen Enhancer

Calcidex Forte | Calfosmin D

Injectable Solution

Mineralizing reconstituent


Injectable Solution

High concentration calcium therapic

Catofos® B9+B12

Injectable Solution

Organic phosphorus stimulant with hematopioetic vitamins

Coloidex® Multivitaminado

Injectable Emulsion

Colloidal calcium with vitamins

Fertimin Se®

Injectable Solution

Mineral Supplement - Adjuvant in Metabolic and Reproductive Disorders


Injectable Solution

Growth and production stimulant - specific antianemic