Fenbuta® 200 | Butazon 200

Injectable Solution

Anti-inflammatory, Antipyretic and Analgesic

Flunimine® | Flunix

Injectable Solution

Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, anti-toxic and non-steroidal analgesic. Specifically indicated for visceral pain

Tolfén L.A. 8%® | Tolfemax A.P. 8%

Injectable Solution

Long- acting non steroidal anti-inflammatory

Vetacortina® 400

Injectable Solution

Synthetic Glucocorticoid Fast Acting and High Concentration Anti-inflammatory, Antiallergic and Gluconeogenetic

Lutaprost® 250

Injectable Solution

Luteolytic agent of reduced dose

Oxyto-Synt® 10

Injectable Solution

Oxitotic, uterotonic and lactiferous

Dormi-Xyl® 2

Injectable Solution

Sedative, analgesic, anesthetic and muscle relaxant


Injectable Solution

General barbituric anesthesic

Vetocaína A2

Injectable Solution

Local anesthesic

Aminoplex® Forte OS

Oral Solution

Nutritional supplement with amino acids in high concentration.

ChickLyte® WS | HidroLyte® WS

Soluble Powder

Energetic-Electrolytic Balanced Association with Glycine and Probiotics

ChickVit® ADE+C OS

Oral Solution

Microemulsified Association of Vitamins A, D and E, added with Vitamin C at High Concentration