Optiflor® 300

Injectable Solution

Powerful broad-spectrum and long-acting antibiotic


Otic Suspension

Antibiotic-antiinflammatory combination

Pen Duo Strep® 250/200

Injectable Suspension

Synergic antibiotic combination with wide spectrum


Injectable Suspension

Cephalosporinic antibiotic with zero residues in milk

Qrex® SP 4g

Powder with Diluent

Broad-spectrum third-generation cephalosporin

Vetamoxyl® 15 L.A.

Injectable Suspension

Broad-spectrum penicillanic semisynthetic antibiotic

Vetamoxyl® 20 L.A.

Injectable Suspension

Broad-spectrum penicillanic semisynthetic antibiotic.


Topical Gel

Antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory, Antimycotic and Antipruritic Polyvalent Association


Injectable Solution

High concentration vitaminic association

Aminoplex® Forte

Injectable Solution

High concentration aminoacids

Aminoplex® Light

Injectable Solution

Electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins

Ascorvet 250

Injectable Solution

Powerful Antioxidant - Immune Response, Synthesis of Amino Acids and Collagen Enhancer