Antipirozene B12®

Granules for Injection

Hemoparasiticide, antianemic and antipyretic
Camels Canines Goats Horses Felines Sheep Swine Cattle


Diminazene aceturate 1.05 g, Vitamin B12 3 mg, Antipyrine q.s. ad 2.36 g.


Prophylaxis and treatment of babesia/piroplasmosis, trypanosomiasis and cytauxzoonosis. Vitamin B12 helps in preventing agranulocytosis and leukopenia. Antipyrine ensures solubility and acts as support against inflammation and fever.

Dosage and Administration

In general, 3.5 mg/kg b.w. To obtain this result, dissolve the entire contents (2.36 g) in 15 mL of sterile water. Inject 1 mL/20 kg of b.w. (reconstituted solution). In dogs, add 25 mL of sterile water to each sachet of 2.36 g; inject 1 mL/10 kg (reconstituted solution). Apply at Intervals of 24 hours or according to discretion of the veterinary physician. Dogs: Babesia: repeat after 25 hours; trypanosomiasis: repeat every two weeks until clinical remission reported by the laboratory. Cattle, sheep, goats and horses: Only once, and do not exceed 4 g total per animal. If it is required to repeat the dose, this is done at discretion of the veterinary physician after 24 hours. Horses: Divide the total dose and apply at intervals of 1 - 2 hours. Apply by intramuscular route.

Commercial Presentation

Sachet x 2.36 g , Sachet x 23.6 g,

SENASA Registry

SENASA Perú:F.08.01.I.0874.