Cipro-Tabs 250®

Tablet Oral

Quinolone antibacterial
Canines Felines


Ciprofloxacin (as hydrochloride) 250 mg; excipients q.s. ad. 1 tablet


For the treatment of local and systemic infections caused by ciprofloxacin sensitive bacteria: complicated or chronic infections of the urinary tract, prostatitis, lower respiratory tract infections, intestinal infections, diarrhea, skin infections and injuries, arthritis, meningitis, among others.

Dosage and Administration

1 tablet/25 Kg each 12 hours and 1 tablet/16 Kg for more complicated problems. Oral administration

Commercial Presentation

Bottle x 30 tablets,

SENASA Registry

SENASA Perú: F.03.31.N.1864