ProGuard® 4

Oral Suspension

Broad- spectrum Antiparasitic

Teniquantel® 10 con Cobalto

Oral Suspension

Internal antiparasitic-taenicide reinforced with cobalt

Xelamec® Combi Spot On

Topical Solution

Systemic Antiparasitic Association of Integral Effect against Ectoparasites, Nematodes and Tapeworms

Xelamec® Spot On

Topical Solution Spot On

Por fuera, por dentro

Agrobolin® A.P.

Injectable Solution

Long-acting anabolic

Boldemax® A.P.

Injectable Solution

Long-acting anabolic

Cortifen 200.25® | Dexabutazon 200.25

Injectable Solution

Anti inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic

Duo-Dexalong®| Duovetasona

Injectable Suspension

Fast action and prolonged effect dual corticosteroid

Fenbuta® 200 | Butazon 200

Injectable Solution

Anti-inflammatory, Antipyretic and Analgesic

Flunimine® | Flunix

Injectable Solution

Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, anti-toxic and non-steroidal analgesic. Specifically indicated for visceral pain

Vetacortina® 400

Injectable Solution

Synthetic Glucocorticoid Fast Acting and High Concentration Anti-inflammatory, Antiallergic and Gluconeogenetic

Vetocam® 50

Injectable Solution

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. Injectable solution with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic action; COX-2 selective.