ChickLyte® WS | HidroLyte® WS

Soluble Powder

Energetic-Electrolytic Balanced Association with Glycine and Probiotics

ChickVit® ADE+C OS

Oral Solution

Microemulsified Association of Vitamins A, D and E, added with Vitamin C at High Concentration

ChickVit® B OS

Oral Solution

Association of all Complex B Vitamins Added with Essential Amino Acids

ChickVit® ESe OS

Oral Solution

Microemulsified and Ballanced Association of Vitamin E with Organic Chelated Selenium

Feli-Tabs® Daily All in One

Palatable tablets

Integral Nutritional Supplement for Cats

FH-10 Factor Hepático 10

Oral Solution

Acción hepatoprotectora, lipotrópica y desintoxicante

Hematofos B12® Oral

Oral Solution

Multi-reconstituent complemented with phosphorous

Hepaviar® OS

Oral Solution

Hepatoprotective - Lipotropic - Detoxifying Balanced Association

Nutromix® Daily Multi

Oral Gel

Energy nutritional supplement for pets.

Nutromix® Hairball Remedy

Oral Gel

Nutritional Supplement Peristalsis Promoter - Preventive Intestinal Obstructions by Accumulated Hair

Nutromix® High Calorie

Oral Gel

Nutritional Supplement with High Calorie Contribution of Immediate Bioavailability

Nutromix® Lysine+

Oral Gel

High Availability L-Lysine Nutritional Supplement for Felines"