VentoCardyl®| Cardiopulmin

Injectable Solution

Cardiorespiratory analeptic
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Heptaminol hydrochloride 100 mg, Diprofilina (dyphylline) 100 mg, excipients 1 mL


For cases of altitude sickness, newborn resuscitation, to reverse the effects of neuroleptics and other anesthetics, cardiac cough, collapse, heart failure, myocardial ischemia, circulatory deficiency, hypotension, myocarditis, venous insufficiency, asthenia, exhaustion, and as non-specific anti-fatigue tonic. As bronchodilator, indicated in obstructive respiratory tract disease (when it is reversible). Concomitant treatment in disorders of the respiratory tract, dyspnea (associated to congestion and pulmonary edema, as additional therapy), pulmonary edema.

Dosage and Administration

1 mL/10 Kg, if necessary, could be repeated every 4-5 hours, until 4-5 days. Apply intravenous, intramuscular or intraperitoneal route

Commercial Presentation

Bottle x 50 mL , Bottle x 100 mL ,

SENASA Registry

SENASA Perú: F.11.01.N.0008