Abamexin® Pour On

Pour On Topical Solution

External use endectocide
Camels Goats Sheep Swine Cattle


Abamectin 5 mg, excipients q.s.ad. 1mL


For the treatment and control of internal (gastrointestinal, lung and kidney nematodes) and external parasitoses (larval stages of myiasis-causing flies, sucking lice, mites producers of scabies, horn flies, nose worms; it helps in the control of ticks and biting lice). With action against strains resistant to ivermectin and other endectocides.

Dosage and Administration

1 mL/10 kg aplly on the back (dorsal line) from wither to the base of the tail. Apply through epicutaneous route.

Commercial Presentation

Bottle x 100 mL , Pourmatic Bottle x 500 mL , Pourmatic Bottle x 1L , Pourmatic Bottle x 250 mL, Bottle x 120 mL,

SENASA Registry

SENASA Perú: F.54.33.N.0003