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Agrogenta® 11

Broad-spectrum aminoglycoside

Hematofos B12®

Multi-tonic complemented with phosphorous

Vetonic con Nucleótidos OS

Integral biostimulant, growth promoter. Unique with nucleotides

Agromycin 11

Broad-spectrum antibiotic


Active Wellness udder



Randomized field study to evaluate the efficiency of Ticlabendazole sulfoxide 36% for the control...

Research work

Commercial product evaluation of HEMATOFOS B12® administrated by oral route in broilers

Research work

Efficiency evaluation on an oral antiparasitic based of doramectin (doraQuest l.a. ®) for...


Phosphorylcolamine effect associated with minerals (Fertimin Se®) for the reduction of placental...

Research work

Evaluation of the efficiency of an Intramammary suspension based of Cephalexin, Neomycin, Cloxacilin...


Evaluation of the efficiency and tolerance of an inyectable antibiotic solution based on Florfenicol,...

Research work

Effects of an organic modifier on body weight gain in zebu cattle in the tropics of Peru

Technical articles

Using Buserelin and Cloprostenol for Synchronization of Zeal

Technical articles

Complex Sadness (piroplasmosis) in Buffaloes


Evaluation of an injectable solution based on an antibiotic based on oxytetracycline 20% (agromycin...


Agrovet Market Animal Health presente en V Jornada Peruana de Buiatría

Los días 21 y 22 de agosto, la Sociedad Peruana de Buiatría desarrolló en la escuela de Postgrado de la Universidad Nacional de Tr ...

Agrovet Market Animal Health participó del exitoso Congreso Internacional de Porcicultura 2014

Los días 13 al 15 de agosto, Agrovet Market Animal Health participó como auspiciador en el Congreso Internacional de Porcicultura ...

Tercera Edición del Tour Agrovet Market en Lurín

El pasado viernes 8 de agosto, se desarrolló la Tercera Edición del Tour Agrovet Market 2014 en Lurín. ...


The third edition of the Agrovet Market Tour arrives Lurin and will be held on August 8th in the Auditory of the Tanpu Wasi Hotel ...

Agrovet Market Animal Health re-certifies quality process

Peruvian laboratory corroborates ISO 9001 by prestigious TÜV Rheinland ...