Research work

Proxifen® 23 L.A.

Evaluation of the in vitro Effectiveness of Proxifen® 23 L.A (Oxytetracycline with Ketoprofen) against bacterial agents that cause Respiratory Disease in Bovines

Research work

Modivitasan®| ModivitasanMO

Evaluation of an injectable metabolic activator (Modivitasan) in the productive performance of post weaning piglets.


Amoxi-Tabs C®-250

Therapeutic Effect of 20 % Amoxicillin + 4% Colistin Sulphate Soluble Powder ( Amoxycol® WS ) in Chickens Artificially Infected with Avian Cholera (Spanish)

Technical articles

ChickVit® ADE+C OS

Use of vitamins in broilers to optimize animal health, productivity and product quality