Prevention of suspicious digital activities

At Agrovet Market we take very seriously the attempts of fraud or scam, remember that we will never ask you for payments through links and we will never inform changes in the payment accounts through marketing campaigns.

Also, keep in mind that email is one of the main means of communication and therefore also of scams. For that reason, you should be attentive to the emails you receive from Agrovet Market, because some of these will seem to come from a reliable source and may even have a name similar to that of a company collaborator; however, these are sent by an attacker to try to access your confidential information and extract it by making you open an attachment with malware or click on a link that will redirect you to a potentially dangerous website.

For that reason, if you receive such a message, you should delete it without opening any attached documents and without clicking any links. Here are some guidelines to help you identify such an email.

If you receive an email with similar characteristics or perceive suspicious activity, immediately notify the Agrovet Market collaborator with whom you maintain business contact or you can report it directly to the email, remember that Agrovet emails have the following nomenclature:, any sender with different domain or nomenclature is not authentic.

We thank you in advance for your efforts to combat online fraud.