Agrovet Market’s first App, which aims to be a consultation tool for Spanish-speaking veterinarians.


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  • Contains the complete catalog of our products.
  • App with versions for iPhone, iPad and Android.
Forms and integrations
  • Form: 581 active ingredients.
  • Interactions: 6157 interactions between active principles.
  • Clinical Values and Physiological Constants for 11 animal species.
  • AM Vademecum: All the products available from Agrovet Market include AM, Avivet and Nutrovet lines.
  • Calculators: 13 scientific and veterinary calculators.
  • National and International Distributors: Geolocation with google.
  • Business Summary: Vision and Mission of Agrovet Market.
  • Company news.
  • Contact platform.
  • Utility Programs: Agenda and Notes.
Formularios e Integraciones
12 Calculadoras Útiles
12 Useful Calculators
  • Mathematical
  • Unit conversion
  • Body surface area
  • Animal weight
  • Individual dose
  • Group dose in water and food
  • Drug dilution
  • Animal gestation
  • Energy requirement
  • Fluid replacement
  • Blood transfusion
  • Comparative human age
  • Animal age
Vademecum Agrovet Market

Product sheet that includes a photo of the product, formula, indications, target species, route of administration and commercial presentations. It can be used as a sales tool for your sales force, reference and exposure.

Vademécum Agrovet Market