Research work

Bovimec® L.A.

Evaluation of a new formulation of a long-acting Ivermectin against sarcoptic mange of alpacas in Junín


Calcidex Forte | Calfosmin D

Tolerance evaluation of calcium Borogluconate Injectable Solution 27% (Calcidex) in Dairy Cows.


Vetocaína A2

Tolerance evaluation and efficacy of a local anesthetic solution based on Lidocaine and Adrenaline (Vetocaina A2) in the cosmetic dehorning in cattle.



Efficacy and tolerance evaluation of an injectable antibiotic solution based on latest generation cephalosporin (Qrex ®) in cattle for fattening.


Proxifen® 23 L.A.

Tolerance and efficacy evaluation of an Injectable Solution based on Oxytetracycline and Ketoprofen dihydrate with long acting ( 23 Proxifen LA) for the treatment of pneumonia diagnosed in cattle and sheep in field, in Huancavelica - Peru.