Agrovet Market presents Tylvax® on the north coast of Peru

Posted on 10/08/2016

During the talks held on 25 and 26 July in celebration of 29˚ Anniversary  chapter of the Zootecnistas Engineers, organized at the College of Engineers of Peru, Lambayeque; Agrovet Market introduced its new line aimed at professionals and dedicated to poultry and pig breeders.

During the event, the M.V. Nelson Baca, a specialist in poultry and pigs, held a lecture on “Management and prevention of diseases in the swine industry", and presented the line Avivet® - Advanced ingredients, consisting of new solutions to meet the health challenges in farms with high production. Special mention deserves the portfolio Tylvax®, whose active ingredient, tylvalosin, is an excellent choice to combat infections generated by Mycoplasma. This portfolio is composed of 3 different presentations: Tylvax® WS, high concentration in drinking water, Tylvax® Px, premix 5% and Tylvax® C Px, in association with chlortetracycline premix.

Agrovet Market appreciates the warm reception of professionals and breeders in the area, and hopes to consolidate as an indispensable ally to meet the needs of the sector.



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