Agrovet Market rewards the best farmers of San Isidro - La Cano of Arequipa

Posted on 10/08/2016

Agrovet Market Animal Health (AMAH) sponsored the award to the best farmers in the irrigation zone of San Isidro - La Cano, according to the official ranking of milk production campaign 2015-2016 in the department of Arequipa.

AMAH involvement with global presence in this event brought together many attendees between national representatives, cattle breeders San Isidro and surroundings. In addition, were present institutions linked to livestock as the Ministry of Agriculture, Gloria S.A. and SENASA.

Agrovet Market provided training lectures for better livestock production. AMAH, represented by Alex Espinoza Mac M.V Lima, commercial technical supervisor, gave baskets of veterinary products to the best winners from the region. In addition, the occasion was used to promote the line Nutrovet® Nutrition results, with its innovative products Booster RN, Rumenade P and Vetonic with Nucleotides OS.

Agrovet Market thanked the organizers of this event for the invitation. We hope to continue to share valuable information about our products and further promote knowledge and provide innovative solutions to all professionals dedicated to national dairy farming.

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