Successful participation of Avivet® and Nutrovet® in I Swine Production Congress in Cajamarca

Posted on 02/12/2016

Agrovet Market, along with its Avivet® and Nutrovet® pig product lines, were present at the "I Porcine 2016 Production Congress", organized in the province of Chota, Cajamarca on November 24 and 25.

The event brought together a large number of breeders and professionals from the porculturist sector, who received knowledge from the outstanding speakers, and on the theme "Cause of diarrhea in piglets", emphasis was placed on the use of probiotics and prebiotics that facilitate improvement and maintenance of intestinal health and integrity, such as our ProbioLyte® WS product, which optimizes organic functions and increases the productive efficiency of the animal.

In addition, in the commercial exhibition area, Agrovet Market provided commercial technical advice on Avivet® and Nutrovet® products, including products such as Amoxycol® WS, antibacterial betalactam-polypeptide combination, broad-spectrum antibacterial double- Vetonic® with Nucleotides OS, which optimizes the production and improves the productive functions of the animals.


We thank the organization of the event, allowing us to be part of the growth and development of porcicultura in the region and in Peru.


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