The Cycle of Atrevia Conferences of Petmedica and Agrovet Market successfully concluded

Posted on 17/05/2022

As part of the launch of Atrevia, fluralaner-based chewable tablets, Petmedica, the pet division of Agrovet Market, organized the Atrevia Lecture Series, aimed at Veterinarians from different Spanish-speaking countries on topics of great interest to the community. of animal health professionals.

The event was attended by more than 600 veterinarians from 13 Latin American countries, sharing knowledge related to the management of flea, tick and mite infestation, with interesting topics by three renowned specialists from Argentina and Colombia.

The first date was in charge of Dr. Gustavo Tártara with the theme "Mites: the silent war comes to an end", who provided details about the importance of completing the analysis cycles to assertively determine the type of infestation to which we For her part, on the second date, Prof. Gabriela Pérez-Tort accompanied us with the topic "Ticks: a problem beyond the obvious", where knowledge and alerts related to diseases that occur as a consequence were shared. from the bite of these external parasites, and finally, on the third date, Dr. Jesús Dueñas gave us the conference "Fleas: A complicated host to control" in which the importance of protecting dogs with active ingredients focused on in the elimination of external parasites such as fluralaner.

From Petmedica and Agrovet Market we thank the Veterinary Doctors community for their assistance and invite them to participate in future events that we will be communicating soon.

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