Posted on 03/11/2022

Last Thursday, October 27, Petmedica® together with Revetsa, exclusive distributor of the line in Guatemala, launched Atrevia®, an ectoparasitic in a great-tasting soft tablet exclusively for dogs.

The launch event took place in the Los Reyes room, Hotel Barceló, in Guatemala City; with the participation of 180 attendees, including veterinarians from the main clinics, petshops and distributors in the capital.
Atrevia® is an antiparasitic that uses fluralaner in its formula, a state-of-the-art molecule belonging to the isoxazoline family that effectively eliminates fleas, ticks and mites.

Available in two versions: Atrevia® One for monthly administration and Atrevia® XR for quarterly administration; in presentations according to the weight of the dog: mini, small, medium and large. In this way Atrevia® represents an innovation at the level of fluralaner use that allows the veterinary professional to choose the most convenient antiparasitic treatment for their patients.

The event was attended by the MV. Luis Chavez, head of Health - Small Animals and Pharmacovigilance of Agrovet Market, who was in charge of Atrevia® research, overcoming demanding field tests in real conditions and demonstrating optimal performance in relation to its speed of action, safety and effectiveness . In the same way, its high palatability has also been verified and achieved the acceptance of more than 96% of the dogs that participated in the studies.

As part of the international tour of Atrevia® in Latin America, the visit of the MV. Luis Chavez to Guatemala was marked by meetings with the main veterinary clinics and businesses in the capital, resolving doubts and bringing the experience in the field of the product to the reality of the country.

Petmedica® appreciates the great reception and congratulates Revetsa for making this launch possible in the Guatemalan market.

The product is already available in the main veterinary points of sale in the country. For more information visit the page or write to

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