22nd Agrovet Market Animal Health Anniversary Unique Veterinary Products

posteado el 05/05/2016

This 2016, Agrovet Market, the leading Company in the vetpharma industry celebrates its 22nd Anniversary. Founded in may 5th 1994, Agrovet Market holds its essence, driven to succed in the design and commercialization of pharmacological and nutritional veterinary products, aimed to meet the needs of their clients: veterinarians, zoo techincal engineers and livestock producers.

The current challenge is to work on the diversification of the Company with its new lines: Nutrovet® and Avivet®, both focused on swine and poultry industry, very important segments locally as well as internationally. 

For Agrovet Market, the worldwide development and consolidation remain as major objectives towards its mission; strategicall alliences in 35 countries have allowed us to be the peruvian company with more international presence.

In this 22nd Aniversary, Agrovet Market thanks all distributors and customers for the trust and preference towards our products. Furthermore, we extend our appreciation to all work colleagues and business partners.


Happy Anniversary Agrovet Market!