A new Agrovet Market image, the same innovative DNA

Posted on 05/05/2021

Today, May 5, motivated by our 27th anniversary, we are excited to present you our new image, which reflects the essence that characterizes us: innovation and passion for developing new solutions for animal health and welfare.

Our new logo reflects our vision of the future, integrates in its graphic synthesis the alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, which has connotations about our spirit of leadership and innovation. Being alpha is being the one who leads the way and exerts influence; That is the position we project, to be leaders in delivering value to our business partners and other stakeholders.

They have been 27 years full of dreams, ideas and goals that have been realized thanks to our human team dedicated to research and a joint effort to make animal health care a reality. Through these years we have built a history, enhancing our skills, listening to market needs, providing unique solutions, continually improving.

Today, we not only renew our logo, the main image of the company, but our commitment to our mission and vision. The transformation of our image is also a result of the changes that we are experiencing as a company towards the digitization and optimization of our processes. We are optimistic, and we are committed to continue growing in the midst of an environment full of uncertainties, never experienced.

Before closing, we want to thank our customers and business partners who are fundamental and motivate us to continue raising our standards. We appreciate your trust and preference.


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