Agrovet Market: 30 years betting on innovation

Posted on 06/05/2024

Agrovet Market veterinary laboratory celebrates three decades of institutional creation ratifying its commitment to innovation and development of the national veterinary pharmaceutical industry. The milestone of 30 years means reaching business maturity and having laid solid foundations for future growth; within its strategic vision is to continue with a global distribution, continue with the investment and development of the pets line and innovate in online distribution.

Always with the mission of designing differentiated and high-value solutions for its different stakeholders, veterinarians, livestock farmers and pet owners, Agrovet Market's portfolio has more than 250 products in its different business divisions, and serves more than 40 international markets, leading exports in the industry. “Although the international market represents 65% of our sales, there was a very important dynamic in the local market with the pet line. I am referring to the Atrevia® antiparasitic tablets, launched in mid-2022, and now two years later we are redefining the market with Atrevia® 360°, the first tablet that offers a three-month protection against ectoparasites, and protection against internal parasites, being the first product in the world - in the category - that offers additional protection against tapeworms” - indicated Umberto Calderón CEO of Agrovet Market.

Upcoming investments include the expansion of its production plant in Ate and phase 1 of the development of its second manufacturing unit in Huarochiri with an area of 13,800 m2. These projects seek to increase production capacity to strengthen the company's global position: to enter new markets in Europe and the United States, as well as to reach other countries in the region, such as Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.

Flexibility, integrity, creativity and innovation as strategic pillars of the company. In a world in which change is a constant, flexibility is a key value within the organization that allows it to remain in force and lead in uncertain environments; today, being at the forefront is the core business of the company.  Our collaborators participate in a culture of continuous improvement that is present in the company's DNA and seek excellence in processes, which is endorsed by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. On the other hand, the important work of the R&D area covers lines for pets, livestock, poultry and swine; Agrovet Market currently has more than 250 products, some of which include the generation and protection of patents. The values of Creativity and Innovation are integrated to the commercialization, marketing and advertising processes that have earned the company recognition throughout its history.

We want to thank you for your trust and support during this time. Today, we are excited about our 30th Anniversary and we welcome it prepared to face together all the new challenges that the future will bring. We are ready for next.

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