Agrovet Market Animal Health acquires Pharmadix laboratories

Posted on 11/06/2018

Agrovet Market Animal Health, the main exporter of pharmaceutical products in Peru acquires Pharmadix, the number one subcontractor of veterinary pharmaceuticals nationwide. The acquisition was closed during last week in Lima, after a long process of negotiation and analysis.

Pharmadix addition to the AMCorp Group will reinforce the laboratory´s operations through greater investment in infrastructure, production technology, R&D and logistic improvements. Consequently, Pharmadix will play a key role in the acceleration of Agrovet Market's growth projections. It is expected that the financial impact of the operation will translate into additional revenues for a total of 17 million dollars during 2018, while the significant increase in profits would come once the synergies were established.

With 24 years in the market, Agrovet Market Animal Health is a Peruvian company dedicated to research, development and marketing of veterinary products, with a focus on export, which has taken its products to more than 40 countries and consolidating in Latin American markets.
With this operation, Agrovet Market will ensure its supply chain for the benefit of its customers; and Pharmadix will receive a capital injection to expand its manufacture service to third parties.

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