Agrovet Market Animal Health registers Doraquest® in Uruguay

Posted on 26/05/2015

Agrovet Market Animal Health obtained the registration of doraQuest® in Uruguay. After a comprehensive registraton process by Agrovet Market’s Research and Development team, they succeeded to register this important product in Uruguay.

doraQuest® L.A. is a complete antiparasitic, with total action, for the treatment and control of internal (gastrointestinal and pulmonary nematodes) and external parasitism such as lice and myiasis problems in horses. It is a gel with a pleasant apple flavor based on doramectin, a broad-spectrum long acting endectocide which is orally administered.

In 2013 Agrovet Market obtained the patent for doraQuest® in Peru through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) before the WIPO. To date it holds the patent in USA and South Africa; and is in process of obtaining it in the various markets it serves.

The benefits of doraQuest® L.A.:

- Provides a direct and prolonged effect on the digestive tract parasites unlike other injectable  antiparasitic.
- Due to its high concentration in the lung tissue it is effective against Dyctyocaulus spp.
- Siringe of 6.84g. with dosage regulator allows the adjustment of the dose according to the animal weight.

Agrovet Market Uruguay, its subsidiary in the country, is the representative in charge of distribution and commercialization of the new product. With this achievement Agrovet Market takes a great step in the plan of initial entry into Uruguay and continues steadily to consolidate South American markets, thus reaffirming its commitment to provide unique class veterinary products for farmers and breeders in this country. For more information about the company and its products  visit



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