Agrovet Market Consolidates its Global presence at VIV MEA 2016

Posted on 24/02/2016

Agrovet Market Animal Health took part in VIV MEA 2016, an international event held from February 15th to 17th at the National Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi. During the three-day exhibition, the company -represented by the commercial team- welcomed different visitors from the Middle East and Africa.
This meeting strengthened Agrovet Market´s position in the region, but more importantly, it created new business opportunities with the launch of the new lines: Nutrovet®, Performance Nutrition and Avivet®, Advanced Ingredients. The new products were very well received, with special focus on Tylvax® products portfolio, ChickBooster® con Nucleótidos OS, ProBiolyte® WS, among others.

Agrovet Market’s pharmaceutical products also garnered attention, especially those related to cattle and horses, such as Kinodyl® Se, Modivitasan, Eprimec Zero Pour On and doraQuest®l.a., the latter being patented in 13 countries, which has allowed the company to be awarded recognitions from the National Intellectual Property Office (Indecopi) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Agrovet Market feels honored for the acceptance during this great event and renews its commitment to excellence, in the development of innovative and differentiated vet pharma products for both cattle and poultry industries.


With Animal Hospital, Agrovet Market representatives in Nigeria


Meeting with Bahrain visitors


With Djammel Bousouff, representative of CYCLOVET SARL, Algeria


With Al Fiafy Veterinary,  Agrovet Market representatives in Qatar


With Egy-Kuwait Trading Company, representatives of AMAH in Kuwait


Participants from Saudi Arabia visited the booth 

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