Agrovet Market diamond sponsor at AMMVEE 2024

Posted on 08/05/2024

México, February 2024 - The XLV edition of the AMMVEE Congress, organized by the Mexican Association of Equine Veterinarians, was held at the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The congress is recognized as one of the largest equine events in the country, bringing together leading national and international exponents in one place, with more than 30 specialized equine lectures.

eQuestria, Agrovet Market's line of specialized equine products, highlighted its presence in the commercial area of the event with one of the largest stands. Presenting the complete portfolio of specialized equine solutions such as Kinodyl® Se, a stimulant and energy eutrophic for the development, recovery and maintenance of muscle function; iverQuest®, an ivermectin-based endectocide for oral use exclusively for equines and Tolfén L.A. 8%®, a long-acting non-steroidal anti-inflammatory; to the more than 600 attendees.

Agrovet Market, committed to the development of the industry in the region, reaffirms its commitment to continue bringing innovative solutions for the Mexican equine sector and thanks the Mexican Association of Equine Practitioners for the organization of this great event.

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