Agrovet Market extends presence in Kyrgyzstan and Belarus

Posted on 13/04/2016

Agrovet Market Animal Health get their first product licenses in two new countries, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus, extending the distribution network that sells its products.

The company registered in Kyrgyzstan: Aminoplex® Light, Boldemax® AP, Cefa-Sec® and Cefa-Milk® Forte, aimed to meet the production needs and combat diseases, mainly for ruminant breeding; and  in Belarus obtained licenses for the following: Aminoplex® Light, Diflovet®10, Cefa-Sec®, Forte Cefa Milk® and Metri Cef®3. The company highlights the remarkable performance of the research and development team in getting these licenses abroad.

Agrovet Market begins this way, a new commercial stage in Asia and Eastern Europe; in Kyrgyzstan where the company KISA has exclusive distribution of older and pets lines, and in Belarus through its distributor, Agrimatco-96.

With this step, Agrovet Market continues its expansion plan into new markets, and reaffirms its commitment to provide unique class veterinary products for livestock and breeders around the world. For more information about the company and its products, visit the web

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