Agrovet Market gains presence in Junín

Posted on 20/08/2015

Laboratory sponsored the "XLII Regional Agricultural, Agroindustrial, Handcrafted, Folkloric and Ecological Fair", event held from 6 to 9 August at the Fair Field of this city.

The fair organized by the National University of Central Peru in coordination with the Provincial Municipality of Junín, gathered more than 130 people, among agricultural and livestock producers, zootechnicians; and professionals linked to livestock farming area including veterinary physicians and engineers.

This sponsorship allowed the reinforcement of bonds between AMAH and the individual and communal agricultural and livestock producers of the region. Likewise, technical information about the different products was shared, including new products of Nutrovet® line like Zoovit® Bolus, Vetonic® con Nucleótidos, Probiolyte®, among others.

Agrovet Market thanks the Provincial Municipality of Junín and the National University of Central Peru for the invitation and for allowing us to contribute to the productive activity of the region. Similarly, we thank all attendees and the province of Junín for their warm welcome.

Attendees receiving “Vet In”, informative Agrovet Market newsletter


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