Agrovet Market is back as official sponsor of the EXPO-PERULACTEA 2022

Posted on 27/06/2022

With the aim of promoting the development of the dairy industry in the country, Agrovet Market participated after 2 years, as OFFICIAL SPONSOR in EXPO-PERULACTEA 2022, which was held at the facilities of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the National University of San Marcos.

Different authorities participated in the event, such as Dr. Alfredo Delgado Castro -dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the UNMSM, M.V Christian Gonzales Espinoza - director of Perulactea and Magister in Agribusiness, Mrs. Nivia Vargas - president of AGALEP and Dr. Umberto Calderón, founding partner and CEO of Agrovet Market Animal Health.
The presentations were given by national and international professionals from the livestock sector who provided information related to reproductive genetics and biotechnology, health and milk quality, among others. On this occasion, Agrovet Market made a technical presentation where it showed the results obtained from its new launch Tulamycin® K, making the benefits of this new product known to all professionals and technicians in the livestock sector.

Agrovet Market, Diamante sponsor, was also present in the commercial area with a representative stand where its new products were exhibited. Among them, Tulamycin® K, a semi-synthetic triamilide macrolide antibiotic potentiated with an NSAID; Mastibiotic® IS, the specialist for mastitis and metritis in cows; Combiotico® L.A., medium-spectrum, long-acting antibiotic; Trisulprim® 48, powerful synergistic action; Pen Dexa Strep® 200/100/250, the best-selling combination on the market now with dexamethasone, among others.

Finally, Agrovet Market thanks the organizers for allowing them to be part of this event for the development of livestock in Peru and all the attendees for their participation. Likewise, it reaffirms its commitment to continue growing with the same quality and trust as always.