Agrovet Market Nicaragua present in Hatofer Fair 2016

Posted on 04/04/2016

Last March 17th, in Rancho Rojo de Camoapa, department of Boaco, Nicaragua, the XII edition of the Hatofer Fair took place; it was attended by farmers and exhibitors of livestock across the country and other countries around the region, such as Costa Rica and Honduras.

Agrovet Market Nicaragua, leader in veterinary products of unique class was present at the Hatofer Fair 2016, offering a full range of products, providing visitors with alternatives for raising their cattle.

The veterinarian Warner Pichardo, sales executive from Agrovet Market Nicaragua, was in charge of the presentation of different laboratory products, providing advice and answers to different queries made by visitors. During the fair, products like Modivitasan®, Fertimin® is, Hematofos® B12, Booster® RN, Eprimec Zero®, among others, stood out.

Hatofer is the second best show nationwide, organized by the Association of Cattlemen of Camoapa (Asogacam) in conjunction with the Federation of Livestock Associations of Nicaragua, they promote and encourage livestock in the northern region. Last year, it generated approximately eighty million Cordobas in sales and an influx of three thousand daily attendees.


As part of the attractions of the fair, a dairy cow contest was held, reaching a record in milking 56 liters of milk within 24 hours, which was implanted last year. Agrovet Market Nicaragua sponsored the contest, giving the winner a basket of specific products for high performance, as Eprimec Zero, Fertimin is. Hematofos B12, Booster Rn., among others.

Agrovet Market is thankful with the event organizers and congratulates the producers in the area for the quality of specimens in the competition. We will continue the commitment to promote medicine production through our portfolio of nutritional Nutrovet® products and AMAH medication.

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