Agrovet Market participated in the III Festival of the Cuy Chota 2016

posteado el 14/06/2016

With the participation of over 100 people, the III Festival of the cuy Cajamarca center passage was held at the Akunta cultural complex and civic city center on 26th and 27th of May in the province of Cajamarca, where the various attendants of the area and surroundings were trained.

Agrovet Market’s MV John Lee Huatay Casas, was in charge of the presentation "Use of probiotics and prebiotics in animal breeding", sharing knowledge of theoretical and practical research, and successful experiences in order to improve the productive activity of cuy, products such as ProBiolyte® WS and Ectonil® Pour on were also presented to various professionals and technicians present.

Agrovet Market thanked the organizers and participants for the warm welcome, hoping to continue participating in future editions of this festival

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