Agrovet Market present at the IV International Expo Fair of Reyes - Espinar 2016

Posted on 19/01/2016

Agrovet Market hosted the Fourth International Expo Reyes - Espinar 2016 held from January 2nd to January 8th in the city of Cusco, province of Espinar, presenting farmers from different provinces and departments of the country with specimens of the Brown Swiss breed, Corriedale and Hampshire down sheep breed, and judgment of guinea pigs.

This event was a massive turnout where Agrovet Market Animal Health, represented by John Quehuarucho Ramirez and Emilio Llasa Llasa, business consultants in the area, unveiled the new product line, Nutrovet®, Nutrition Results such as Vetonic® with Nucleotides, Booster® RN, Rumenade® P, among others.


AMAH is thankful with the Fair´s organizers for the invitation. We hope to continue sharing valuable information about our products and participating in upcoming events that seek to promote the development and competitiveness for veterinarians, zoo technical engineers, farmers and producers dedicated to the livestock sector.


Ingeniero John Quehuarucho Ramírez con las 5 canastas que se obsequió en laIV Expo Internacional de Reyes – Espinar 2016.


Juzgamiento de ganado vacuno raza brown swiss en la IV Expo Internacional de Reyes – Espinar 2016.


AMAH entregó 100 escarapelas para el Ring de juzgamiento de ganado vacuno y ovino.

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