Agrovet Market present in the Introduction Course to Veterinary Comparative Pathology

posteado el 03/05/2016

On April 12, in the auditorium "Aurelio Malaga Alba" at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the National University of San Marcos, began the course Introduction to the Veterinary Comparative Pathology in the framework of the First Meeting of the Peruvian Division of the CL Davis foundation / SW Thompson.

The event revolved around issues of neoplasm, digestive, respiratory, kidney and productive diseases. The attendance of more than 100 registered, allowed Agrovet Market to interact with industry professionals, including veterinarians, teachers and students of the faculty.

Agrovet Market is thankful with the event organizers and congratulates the initiative to promote information within the sector. AMAH will continue with the commitment to promote research and training for the veterinary sector.