Agrovet Market present in the I Regional Conference of Agricultural Producers and Entrepreneurs of Puno

posteado el 20/08/2015

Producers from different locations of Puno met on August 9 in the Regional Conference of Agricultural Producers and Entrepreneurs held in the district of Taraco province of Huancané, Puno.

This event brought together veterinary physicians, zootechnical engineers, agronomists and agricultural technicians who were trained in various topics related to agriculture and livestock farming. Agrovet Market Animal Health was present at this important event, with presentations related to the use of vitamins and their impact on animal production, preparing attendees on the use of enhancers and minerals in cattle.

Two products were presented: Vetonic® con Nucleotides of the new line Nutrovet®, vitamin supplement - mineral in oral solution for drinking water, recommended as growth promoter, and Modivitasan, organic modifier enhancer of body functions that promotes weight gain and overall animal performance, ideal for strengthening livestock against extreme weather conditions.

Participants received samples of the products of Agrovet Market, as well as technical and commercial information from our representatives in the area. The generation of links with cattle farmers was achieved in this conference, and the company expects to continue participating in events like this, looking for the development and expansion of producer communities in Peru.